Pitching: Extension and Finish

Pitching: Extension and Finish

In this video we are going to talk about foot strike and getting extension through the pitch.

As we land on the ground with our front foot we want to land soft, almost as if we are stepping on a pillow. We want to land quiet, we don’t want to land stiff and firm. We want to make sure that when we step our foot is landing somewhere within our back foot. We don’t want to step across our body. We don’t want to fly open and step towards first base. This landing foot should land soft and quiet somewhere within our back foot.

Now you’ll notice, my checkpoints are still lined up with home plate. And as I go to deliver the pitch, I’m going to tuck my glove in; right towards my chest or right towards my heart. As I do this, my arm is going to be coming through, and I want to make sure I get extension through the pitch. That means get my chest out over my front knee and extend towards home plate.

A lot of errors you’ll see young players make, is when they land on their front foot, they land firm and have the tendency to spin towards first base. This is leaving entirely too much stress on their arm.

So again, we want to land within our back foot, we want to land quiet, checkpoints lined up with home plate, and focus on getting extension towards home plate as opposed to falling off the rubber. Again that chest should be out over the front knee, and we should be reaching towards the catcher.

After we finish the pitch and we throw the baseball, we want to be in an athletic position to make the next play. I get extension, I finish, and you’ll notice that my back leg is following behind, leaving me in a position to make the next play, or field a ground ball.

That is foot strike, extension, and the finish.

Keep the questions coming and we’ll make sure we keep on shooting videos to help you guys dominate.

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