Pitchers – Holding Runners On

Pitchers - Holding Runners On

So just the other day we got asked by Coach Dave, he has an 11 year old team, he said it’s very hard to hold runners on, because it's the first year that they are doing that, so many guys are stealing bases so easily, he asked us, “How do you guys hold the runners on?” So, we call it the five series. Coach Steve is going to explain it, I’m going to head over to first base, and here’s how we do it. Use these numbers for whatever you want and you’ll see how we do it.

We use a five series here, where we go five-one, five-two, and five-three. All that means is the coach is giving a sign to the catcher, and then the catcher is going to put down the number five then one, which means the pitcher is going to pick off; five-two, or five-three. As soon as the picture sees five it means he knows he is going to pick off to first.

Basically, what five-one means is it is going to be a bad move. So, the pitcher is going to get on the rubber, he is going to see five-one from the catcher, and bad move means he is going to step off slow and give an average throw over to first base. Again, that’s just letting the runner know that we know he is there. Our whole goal here is giving our catcher a chance to throw that guy out without starting a circus with base runners.

Five-two is gonna be a quick pick. I’m going to get to my set, and when I see five-two, I’m going to pick on the way up.

And five-three is going to be a three second hold; three mississippi. So, the pitcher is going to see the sign, five-three; think one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi.

Now we are giving the runner three different views: a bad pick to make him think our pick off move is bad, a quick pick, and then the three second hold. This is an easy way to keep that runner close, and to give our catcher a chance to throw that runner out at second.

Keep the questions coming and we’ll make sure we keep on shooting videos to help you guys dominate your defense.

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