Hitting – Point of Contact

Hitting - Point of Contact

In this drill, we're going to talk about hitting locations, but more importantly we're going to talk about going directly to the baseball. I have three different tees set up at the same exact height, so if I'm not going exactly to and through the baseball, I'm going to hit one of the other tees with my barrel. A simple way to do it at first is you're going to hit in, middle and out. I'm going to get into my stance. Staying in the same exact spot, I'm going to hit the inside pitch. Then, I'm going to hit the pitch down the middle. I'm going to stay in the same exact spot, and then hit the pitch outside.

Okay, now I'm taking the baseballs and putting them in three locations. The same exact height, and they're like tattletales. If I go to hit the inside pitch, but I get long with my swing, I'm going to hit all three of these balls. Or, I may just hit the middle one and inside if I pull off too quick. If I go properly, I'll be able to stay on path and explode through the baseball in each location. The outside pitch, okay? If I do the same thing, if I get long on it and I hit it, I could hit all three of them so we want to make sure that we're going direct, we're going back, we're getting set and we're going right through the ball.

A way to make it more difficult is if a coach is yelling or saying, as you're going back and getting loaded and your stride foot's getting ready to hit the ground, they call a location. It's going to be like this. Outside. Inside. Middle. That's a great drill to get them to start focusing, and then to make sure they're staying back because if they're going back, and you say, “Outside” and you see this, or if they go back and you say, “Inside”, and you see this, you know that they're in a poor position when they're getting ready to hit the baseball.

Keep the questions coming and we’ll make sure we keep on shooting videos to help you guys dominate.

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