Best Infield Drill: Bad Hops

Best Infield Drill: Bad Hops

So Coach Steve, the other day when we got asked by one of our Facebook viewers, they had a question: on a normal turf field they have no problem fielding ground balls, but once the kids go outside they’re all making excuses on how the ball is taking bad hops, it's not such a perfect bounce. So, do you have any specific drills that we can show the viewers on how to kinda simulate bad hops, or ways that we can get them to move their feet better?

Yes, definitely. As you guys know, most fields that we play on aren’t going to be perfect. Alright, and when we get off turf and get on dirt, balls are going to start bouncing all over the place. So, a simple and easy drill we use here, we get some props. We have some red cones here, we have some PVC pipes laying down, and I’m just going to have Duke roll me some tennis balls to start off first. Working on simulating some bad hops like we’re going to get in the game.

Its gonna look something like this. I’m going to get into a nice, wide, fielding position and all I’m going to do is get down nice and low, hands out front, and the ball is going to take a bad hop, and it’s going to get my eyes used to that ball bouncing up.

An easy way to start is to use tennis balls this way your players don’t get hit. There it is, perfect example, so I’m staying down, assuming that ball is going to stay down, and then the tennis ball is going to hit the PVC pipe just like that, and bounce up.

Once they get used to the ball taking bad hops, we’re going to transition into baseballs. He’s going to roll a little bit harder and I’m going to work on my footwork towards first. The ball is coming, I’m going to work through the bad hop, and then throw to first base.

That's a perfect example of the ball staying down. Down low, working through that short hop. This is a simple way, guys, for you to simulate those bad hops on the field, you’re gonna get them at some point.

Great job, Coach Steve, thanks so much. Hopes that helps you guys out.

Keep the questions coming and we’ll make sure we keep on shooting videos to help you guys dominate your defense.

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