Best Fielding Position | Baseball and Softball

Best Fielding Positions| Baseball and Softball

We got asked by one of our followers, he's having a hard time getting his fielders down into a ready position, right? They're not getting low enough, the ball's going between their legs. Duke, do you have any drills that will help them get lower into their hips, maybe a lower fielding position?

Definitely. So, first we're going to talk about what is that good fielding position? That good fielding position is our feet shoulder width apart, okay? We have to make sure that our hips are down, our back is flat, and our glove's out in front. So we have these red balance cones. You can put them on blocks, you can put them on whatever you want to elevate them from the ground. That way, when they're elevated from the ground what that will do is it will force me to stay on the balls of my feet and for me to get into my hips, to be able to reach out in front. I no longer can just reach and touch the ground. I now am magnifying the situation by getting in this position.

So what's going to happen is the coach is going to roll me some balls. I'm on the cones, reaching out in front, seeing the ball all the way in, and I'm magnifying down. So now, when I move these out of the way, it's super simple to get really far out in front with my hands to get into a good fielding position.So elevate them any way you can. It gets them into their hips, it gets their back flat, and gets their hands out in front. That's a great way to get your fielders to get low to the ground.
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