How to Respond to a College Coach When Receiving a Scholarship Offer

1. First off, be extremely gracious and appreciative of the college coaches interest in your skills and make-up as a ballplayer followed by showing appreciation for their scholarship offer (whatever it may be) because they don't have to offer you anything.

2. Secondly, do not make a rash decision right there on the spot. Tell the coach that you appreciate the offer and will want to take some time to talk it over with your parents (to make sure if is the right fit for you). Remember, this decision is not a 4 year decision, it is a 40 year decision. Ask the coach, what is the timeline that you need to have my decision by? This will show them your attentiveness to their job as a college recruiter.

3. Have awareness that the college recruiter may have a player just like you, with the same skill set and make-up, that if you take too long the coach will offer that same scholarship offer to the other guy. Be aware, it happens.

4. Do not reply with an answer like you are looking for something better or in a different conference. Coaches know coaches. If you turn them off by declining their offer for a reason of wanting to play for another program, it doesn't shed the best light on you. Don't give too much information away.

5. Be appreciative, courteous, and an upstanding individual.

Coach Jamie Quinn is our College Recruiting Coordinator with over 6 years of college baseball coaching experience. Coach Quinn currently works as the pitching coach for the Orleans Firebirds of the Cape Cod Baseball League. Be sure to follow @ZonedSports and @JQuinn14 on Twitter for up to date college recruiting articles.

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