College Recruiting Basics: Important Recruiting Dates

There are many important dates during the college recruiting process that many parents or potential student-athletes are not aware of. These dates are important because they are a step for step skeleton of how the high school athlete will be recruited to play at the next level. It is important to know the recruiting dates because you don’t want to fall into a recruiting violation causing you to lose a scholarship, spot in a program or eligibility. Listed below are the key dates to be aware of during the recruitment process:

  • September 1st Junior Year- This is the 1st date during your time in high school when a college coach can send or contact you via email or mail. Coaches can now begin to send you direct information regarding their program and your status on their recruiting boards. Prior to this date, coaches are only allowed to send information that is generic in content (i.e. camp information and recruiting questionnaires)
  • July 1st before Senior Year- This is one of the most important dates on the recruiting calendar, the 1st day college coaches can contact recruits via phone call or set up a meeting with recruits off campus NOTE: No on campus visits during this time
  • 1st day of School Senior Year- This is the 1st date recruits are allowed to take official (paid) visits to the campus of NCAA Division 1 or 2 schools.
    • Paid visit- when the coaching staff pays for the recruit to visit campus, provides money for meals and has the recruit stay overnight with members of the program
  • The 2nd Wednesday in November of Senior Year- This is the beginning of the “Early Signing Period” in college athletics. This is the 1st day a recruit can sign a National Letter of Intent(NLI). Any commitments prior to this date are verbal non-binding agreements. Early signing period only last 7 days and any recruit who does not sign during this time must wait until April
    • Verbal Commitment- When a program offers a recruit a spot on their roster and the recruits accepts offer prior to 2nd Wednesday in November. Verbal commitments are non-binding meaning either the school or the player may back out of a verbal commitment
  • 3rd Wednesday of April Senior Year- This is the beginning of the regular signing period in college athletics. Any player who did not sign during the early signing period can now sign their NLI. The regular signing period lasts until July 31st (3.5 months)
  • For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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