College Baseball Recruiting 101: The Realistic Response in the Eyes of a D1 Coach

The ninth article in the recruiting process is about an email from a Division 1 Head Coach.

The following passage is real life communication from a Division 1 Head Baseball Coach, Tracy Smith of Indiana University, and a parent of a Potential Student-Athlete (PSA). This is one of the most honest letters I have seen from a very experienced Head Coach and it breaks down all the "rebuttal" questions parents may have for their sons. Also, a piece of advice, from the perspective of a former D1, D2, and D3 coach in myself, there is no need for parents to reach out to college coaches. Most coaches won't respond like Coach Smith did. Also, if college coaches receive an email from a parent of a PSA, they then question the character and work ethic of the PSA that one of his parents are reaching out to him and not the PSA himself, hurting the chances for that PSA to be recruited.

There comes a time in the recruiting process where one must see the realistic paths to play baseball at the college level. Like we have been preaching, from first hand experience, there is a wide range of avenues to take to play college baseball (D1(different levels of D1), D2, D3, JUCO, NAIA), and players and parents alike must put the time in to do the research.

1. Does the program of interest carry the Desired Major of Education?
2. Does the program have a stockpile of players at your position?
3. Have you heard at all from a coach at a program? (Not including the generic camp emails)
4. Honest evaluation of your skill set?
5. Have you gone to watch that level of play and see if there is a realistic connection?

These are questions to consider through the process.

Below is the link to the email between Coach Smith of Indiana and the Baseball Parent:

For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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