College Baseball Recruiting 101: Phone Calls

Listed below are the NCAA Division 1 rules regarding phone calls between college coaches and potential student-athletes(PSA). Understanding who you can communicate with over the phone and when is a key essential during the recruiting process.

  • College coaches can begin making phone calls to PSA's and their parents beginning September 1st of their Junior year an unlimited amount of times
  • Only coaches who are certified to recruit off-campus can call PSA's. Any coach who is considered a volunteer or not on the coaching staff cannot call a recruit of his parents
  • Administrators at the college or in the athletic department can call PSA's
  • Prior to the September 1st date of a PSA's Junior year, coaches can contact PSA's via the phone regarding camp related issues. For example, if a camp time or location changes that a PSA is signed up to attend
  • At any time during the recruiting process a PSA can place a call to a college coach
  • Avoid contacting a college coach over the phone out of the blue. Make sure you have established a previous relationship during the recruiting process prior to calling
  • Coaches will prompt underclassmen to call them without it being illegal. For example, "Steve, I am free on Wednesdays after 3pm and if you'd like to call I'd love to hear from you" or "coach, I'd love to talk to Steve about the school if you want to give him my number"
  • If you call a coach prior to the September 1st date of Junior year and leave a message, the coach will be unable to return your call

For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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