College Baseball Recruiting 101: Official and Unofficial Visits

During college baseball recruiting process there are two types of visits a potential student-athlete can take, Official(paid) and Unofficial(unpaid). List below are the differences between the two visits and information necessary to understand which visit a PSA is going to make.


  • A PSA and family can make an official visit to an NCAA school beginning first day of their senior year
  • An official visit can be paid in full or in part by the school's athletic department
  • Items that can be paid for during an official visit are:
    • Transportation
    • Meals (max of 3 per day)
    • Hotels
    • 3 game passes to an athletic contest
    • Entertainment for up to 40 dollars per day
  • Each PSA is only allowed 1 official visit per school
  • Each program is allowed up to 25 official visits per year (August 1-July31)
  • In order for an official visit to occur, a prospect must be registered for the NCAA Eligibility Center. This requires the PSA to have submitted the following:
    • Either the PSAT, SAT, PLAN or ACT scores
    • High school transcript
    • Placement on institutional request list (access to PSA's academic history)
  • The length of an official visit cannot extend past 48 hours from the 1st step taken on campus


  • A PSA can take as many unofficial visits to as many schools as possible
  • PSA's can begin taking unofficial visits prior to the start of their senior year
  • The program can provide the PSA with 3 athletic passes to a home contest
  • Coaches will look to utilize unofficial visits as much as possible prior to the PSA's senior year
  • Once a PSA is on campus coaches can speak with them and their parents no matter the date
    • Note: coaches look to utilize this during the prospects Freshmen-Junior year to help limit official visits and begin getting top prospects to verbally commit

For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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