College Baseball Recruiting 101: NCAA Division III Rules

Here is a list of NCAA Division III rules for recruiting and scholarships. Division III programs follow a different rule format than the Division I or II levels.

Recruiting Info and Contact

  • You can receive recruiting information, emails and phone calls from a Division III coach at any time without restrictions
  • You DO NOT have to be cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center in order to play at the NCAA Division III level


  • You can make an unlimited number of unofficial (unpaid) visits to an NCAA Division III schools
  • After completion of your junior year of high school a NCAA Division III coach can have in-person, off-campus contact with a PSA or their parents at anytime
  • Once you start your senior year of high school you can take an unlimited amount of official (paid) visits to a NCAA Division III school


  • NCAA Division III schools DO NOT have any athletic scholarships to give to PSA's. However, many Division III schools have academic and financial aid resources to help offset your college cost

For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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