College Baseball Recruiting 101: Key Recruiting Terms

Listed below are key definitions that come along throughout the recruiting process in college baseball that are necessary for all potential student-athletes and parents to know and understand:

  • Contact --- Any conversation off campus and in person between a coach/coaching staff and a potential student-athlete or their parents that involves more than a hello/hi. Coaches have restrictions on their off-campus contacts.
  • Contact Period (GREEN) --- The period in which college coaches can have face-to-face contact with the potential student-athlete or their parents, watch them compete, visit their high school or have a phone conversation with the student-athlete or their parents. Dead Period (RED)- During the dead period time college coaches are not allowed to have face-to-face conversations with the student-athlete or parents, watch the student-athlete play or visit their high school or games. Coaches however may write or telephone the student-athlete or their parents during this time.
  • Evaluation --- When a coach watches your play or practice or visits your high school to check up on your academic standing.
  • Evaluation Period --- Coaches may watch potential student-athletes compete, visit their high schools and write or telephone the athlete or their parents. However, during this period coaches may not have face-to-face contact with the player or their parents off the colleges campus.
  • Financial Aid Agreement (FAA) --- Form or contract issued by an NCAA Division 1 school that binds them to provide a certain amount of athletics financial aid to the potential student-athlete.
  • National Letter of Intent (NLI) --- An NLI is a contract signed by the potential student-athlete and the NCAA institution binding the prospect to attend that school for 1 academic year. In exchange for signing the NLI, the school must provide a certain amount of athletics financial aid to that player for 1 academic year. An FAA must accompany and NLI for it to be legitimate.
  • Official Visit --- Visit to a school paid for in full or in part by the college. Prospects and College baseball programs are only allowed a certain amount of paid visits per recruiting year.
  • Prospective student-athlete (PSA) --- Someone who starts the 9th grade and a college program is interest in recruiting.
  • Quiet period (YELLOW) --- College coaches can only have face-to-face interactions with the PSA or their parents on the college's campus. A coach may not watch a student-athlete (unless the competition occurs on the colleges campus) or visit their high school during this time. Coaches are allowed to call the PSA or their parents during this time.
  • Recruiting Calendar --- Set dates and periods during the year that put restrictions on both the coaches and potential student-athletes to create competitive equity by defining time periods in which recruiting may or may not occur.
  • Unofficial Visit --- Visit to a college campus that is at PSA's own expense.
  • Verbal Commitment --- When a program offers a recruit a spot on their roster and the recruits accepts offer prior to 2nd Wednesday in November. Verbal commitments are non-binding meaning either the school or the player may back out of a verbal commitment

For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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