College Baseball Recruiting 101: Electronic Communication

In today's recruiting world, electronic communication has become a big key for college baseball coaches to reach their recruits quickly and efficiently. Listed below are some reminders and rules to remember during the recruiting process that deal with all forms of electronic communication.

  • After September 1st of your Junior year, NCAA Division 1 coaches are allowed to send text messages to potential student-athletes and their parents with no limits
  • Prior to the September 1st date, coaches can only send generic camp invites or requests to fill out recruiting questionnaires
  • The only forms of electronic communication between coaches and PSA's are email, text message and fax
    • When it comes to social media, a direct message on Facebook, twitter or instagram is considered an email or text message.
  • College Athletic Departments and coaches are not allowed to publicize the recruitment of a PSA or signing of a PSA at anytime
  • At any time during the recruiting process a PSA can place a call to a college coach
  • Avoid contacting a college coach over the phone out of the blue. Make sure you have established a previous relationship during the recruiting process prior to calling
    • Avoid tweeting or Facebooking directly at a coach after you sign or during the recruitment process to avoid any problems or infractions

* If you are unsure of which electronic platform to use at anytime during the recruiting process, revert to emailing or texting to be safe *

For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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