College Baseball Recruiting 101: Division II Eligibility

The Division II NCAA eligibility rules follow a similar path to Division I, however there are a few differences that allow being accepted to a Division II school slightly easier than Division 1. Listed below are the requirements to receive an athletic scholarship, practice and play right out of high school at the Division II level:

  • Graduate with High School Diploma
  • Must earn a 2.0 GPA or higher in core course
  • Must earn 820 on SAT (critical reading+math) or earn ACT score of 68 (all 4 areas added together
  • Complete 16 core courses
    • 2 years of Math (Algebra I or higher)
    • 3 years of English
    • 2 years of Natural or Physical Science (including 1 year of lab science if offered by school)
    • 2 years of Social Science
    • 4 years of additional core course (any category above or a foreign language, comparative religion or philosophy

The academic requirements for the NCAA Division II level are very similar to the Division I level. The main difference between the 2 are the requirements at the D1 level for math and English. At Division I you must complete 4 years of English and 3 of math whereas at D2 you have some leeway to take other core courses in place of the extra year in each core. In the end, you MUST complete all 16 core courses with a 2.0 or higher and have your high school diploma. If you do this, you are giving yourself the best chance to succeed at any level.

For more information about the college recruiting process, please contact Coach Jamie Quinn ( or Coach Andrew Romanella (

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