Online Coaching Courses - Turn 2

Tired of just hitting ground balls, only to see your players making the same mistakes over and over? This course provides you with step by step routines to develop your infielders from the ground up!

Our Dominate the Diamond "Turn 2" course is for baseball and softball coaches looking to take their infield play to the next level! Whether it’s a little leaguer looking to improve his glove work, or your HS Short Stop looking to fine tune his double play turns, this course covers it all! Each drill and skill included provides coaches with the knowledge and the ability to teach their players the most advanced infield techniques, in a fast-paced environment.

What comes with the package:

  • 3-Jam Packed Modules, Footwork and Defensive Progressions, Short Stop, Second Base
  • 50 + HD Advanced Instructional Baseball/Softball Training Videos- $199
  • 5-Outcome specific drill series
  • Access to our EXCLUSIVE Coach's Facebook Page - priceless
  • The drills you need to teach your team how to Turn 2!
  • TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PACKAGE = $300 worth of course material!
  • Our exclusive app – take the videos with you on the go!


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