First Baseman

Online Coaching Courses - First Baseman

Everything a coach needs to improve the skills of their 1st baseman. Valuable for both baseball and softball coaches, this course includes 3 categories: Positioning & Footwork, Holding Runners on & Double Play Work, and a Pick Series.

Each video explains and identifies areas of weakness, while providing coaches with the proper skills and communication to teach players of all skill and ability levels. From barehand work, footwork, positioning and picks, and even competitions to run at practice this course will provide coaches with plenty of drills to do at both practice and at home with their players. This is a MUST HAVE for all coaches looking to help take their 1st baseman to the next level!

What comes with the package:

  • 3-Jam Packed Modules
  • 26+ HD Video with position specific training
  • Our free app to use on the go


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