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Our brand new Dominate the Diamond Catching Course consists of 24 HD videos covering everything you’ll need to know to develop your catchers both physically and mentally!

Our course includes 4 categories: Blocking, Receiving, Throwing & Position Fundamentals. Each course includes videos & drills for your players to work on at practice and on their own. Each video includes the proper techniques and skill sets required to take your players to the next level all while teaching you how to communicate effectively with them to develop each player based on their age and ability level. This course includes barehand work, footwork, controlling the running game and even competitions to run at practice. This is a MUST HAVE for all coaches looking to develop their catchers and elevate their game to the next level!

What comes with the package:

  • 38 HD Training Videos
  • 5 Sample Practice Plans
  • Sample Line-up Card
  • Pre-Game Warm-up Routine
  • Field Utilization Chart


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