Online Coaching Courses

Rookie Online Courses


The Rookies Course assists coaches working with the beginner level player. This course explains both the correct mechanics of each skill set as well as the drills used to teach it.

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Minor Online Courses


The Minors Course is an advanced version of the Rookie curriculum. The Minors course takes coaches through more advanced drill work and coaching techniques.

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Major Online Courses


The majors has the two other courses included with it (Rookies & Minors). This course is designed to make you a better coach, your kids better players, and everyone's lives a whole lot easier!

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Pitching Online Courses


We cover everything you need from the warm up to post game. This course is a MUST HAVE for any coach looking to develop their pitchers both on and off the field.

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Catching Online Courses


Our brand new Dominate the Diamond Catching Course consists of 24 HD videos covering everything you’ll need to know to develop your catchers both physically and mentally!

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Turn 2 Online Courses

Turn 2

Our Dominate the Diamond “Turn 2” course is for baseball and softball coaches looking to take their infield play to the next level!

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First Baseman Online Courses

First Baseman

Everything a coach needs to improve the skills of their 1st baseman. Valuable for both baseball and softball coaches, this course includes 3 categories: Positioning & Footwork, Holding Runners on & Double Play Work, and a Pick Series!

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