You Never know Who’s Watching

The way we take our "I.O." (infield and outfield) routine has progressed over the years in baseball and we need to know how important it is for our team and players to show off their "tools" in their tool box. The purpose of the IO prior to the game is for the defense to look sharp, professional and enthusiastic as the team makes final preparations for what each player hopes will be high quality performance. Additionally – and maybe even more important as players get older and competition becomes tougher – the primary objective then becomes more of an opportunity to show off the "tools" each player has in their tool box. That means showing off their arm strength and fielding ability to professional scouts, college recruiters, coaches and the opposition.

One of the most awe-inspiring features of any IO baseball pregame is watching fluid, sharp and crisp throws being made effortlessly around the infield with extreme pop and accuracy. In baseball, there is truly nothing more stimulating than witnessing perfect throws on line, with carry, promoting a smooth transition from the catch phase to the throw phase, as the ball moves efficiently around the infield. The impact of a brisk, high energy IO can send riveting meaning to the opposition prior to any game.

The program that has been implemented over the years for IO has advanced to awe the other team, while preparing us for the game. Each having a purpose and each IO is designed by a coach that serves five primary purposes: Look and feel good; show off tools; increase the number of ground balls; make plays on routine plays; and get familiarized with the playing surface.

So the next time you run on to the field remember that this is the time to prepare, execute, and show off the skills you have. Let's make it a point that even when there is a strike-out and nobody is on base we snap those throws, with crisp, efficient, smoothness and get that ball back into the pitchers hand showing him we have his back and we are behind you 100%.

Always remember, You Never know Who's Watching

Duke Baxter

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