“I got it…. I got it…. You take it”

"I got it…. I got it…. You take it"

In order to be successful in baseball you must be able to communicate effectively. PERIOD. How many times have you seen or been a part of a play where a fly ball drops in front of two players who end up standing there looking at each other? Or when fielding a bunt a pitcher fields the ball successfully only to spin around 6 times not knowing where the easiest out is? I can speak from my experience and say I've probably seen it around 500 times… So, in that 500 times, we can probably assume lack of communication costs on average 1 run. I don't know about any of you, but that is a ton of runs/losses/batting averages or ERAs that are significantly affected not to mention costing the TEAM a WIN.

NOW…. How can we work on this? Different coaches, managers, teams and organizations all have different preferences on how they want you to communicate with each other… But they all want and more importantly need for you TO COMMUNICATE. The communication process begins with the player having the confidence to communicate with teammates and coaches. "SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST"!!! If you have a question about how a certain play is supposed to be executed or what you should expect in a certain situation…..ASK someone. I promise you, it is not only okay, but it is encouraged to ask questions.

I have been playing professional baseball for 5 years and I still ask questions… I still will make sure I know the play even if I have to step off the mound and ask my shortstop or catcher or third baseman because I would much rather take the time to make sure everyone is on the same page. Our goal is to win the game right? Talk to each other, help each other… If you think there is a player on your team who may be uncertain about something, take initiative and make them certain We are all part of a team.

Joseph threw a perfect game going 5 innings allowing 0 H, 0BB, 0ER and struck out 6 while helping leading his team to the championship #POW #zonedin #13UElite #redhawkbaseball #dominatethediamond

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