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Pitchers – Holding Runners On

This drill will go over how to hold runners on in little league. This will eliminate players from stealing all the time! It goes over the mechanics, timing and strategies on how to hold runners on. You will learn the techniques to eep players on!

Hitting – Point of Contact

In this drill, we're going to talk about hitting locations, but more importantly we're going to talk about going directly to the baseball. I have three different tees set up at the same exact height, so if I'm not going exactly to and through the baseball, I'm going to hit one of the other tees with my barrel.

Pitching: Extension and Finish

This video will show what and how to have the foot strike, extension, and the finish. It will go over how to get ready for a pitch, how to mechanically go towards home and the position to get in once you throw the ball.

Hitting: Productive Short Swing

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Hitting: Productive Short Swing

In this drill we are going to talk about having a compact swing. Having that short swing path, get connected, stay on plane with the baseball, and drive through it.

We’re gonna take a softball, place it under our right arm, right elbow. Now no matter if you have a high elbow, or...