ZONED’s 3rd Annual Battery “Pitchers and Catchers” Showcase Event

Written by Jamie Quinn

On Monday, February 23rd, 2016, Zoned hosted their 3rd Annual Battery Showcase. This event brought out the 70 best pitchers and catchers in the New Jersey area to showcase their skills in front of 30+ college coaches and programs to go along with five Major League Baseball scouts. This event is one of the highlights of the college baseball recruiting component here at Zoned. The showcase, which lasted under three hours, had college coaches come from upwards of 5 hours away to scout players in a valuable in-season recruiting setting. The purpose of this event was to give the New Jersey area's best pitchers and catchers the opportunity to showcase their skills and have a lot of exposure to the college coaches in a one-stop location.

The event started with the catchers displaying their arm strength and quick release through their pop times to second base over the course of five throws. That followed by the catchers hitting segment in front of the college coaches, in which, the catchers got three rounds of six swings off of two of the best batting practice pitchers Zoned has. The next segment consisted of an instructional period, which allowed for a recruiting discussion amongst the college coaches and the potential student-athletes. The pitchers then started their long toss routines and warming up to move into the pitcher's bullpen component that lasted to the end of the showcase. A high of 87 MPH was recorded on the mound as well as the high of 1.87 pop time was recorded for the catchers.

Zoned RedHawk, Matt Ryan, a 2017 RHP from Montgomery HS, was quoted saying, "I have been to many pitcher and catcher showcase camps and this was by far the best one I've been a part of. There were a lot of colleges in attendance and the event was very well run and organized."

The next recruiting based event is Saturday, July 2nd, which is one of the four ZONED's RedHawks Team Camp days. Two Team Camp days are in the summer and two are to take place in the fall.

ZONED offers a professionally developed college recruiting video service which allows athletes to showcase their entire skill set in a video so they can email to college coaches of their interest. This is the best way to initially get seen by college coaches as they can watch your CRV at the convenience of their own desk.

Contact us at 732-537-1770 for more information on upcoming recruiting events.

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