Zoned Softball Clinic

Zoned Softball Clinic (2019)

Starting 1/10
6 Weeks 5:30PM - 6:30PM 7-10 $275

Thursdays Starting 1/10
6 Weeks
5:30PM - 6:30PM
Ages 7-10


Our 6-Week Softball Training Program is designed for the any skill level softball player usually ranging in ages from 7-10. Our coaching staff will introduce basic fundamentals such as:

  • Throwing (Mechanics, Grip, Footwork)
  • Fielding Ground Balls (Fielding Triangle, Footwork, Approach, Flips)
  • Catching Fly Balls (Drop Steps, Technique, Crow-hops)
  • Basic Pitching Mechanics
  • Base-running (Through 1st base, Base Hits, Rounding the bases)
  • Sliding
  • Hitting (Mechanics, Balance, Load, Finish, Swing Path)
  • Bunting
  • Situations (Introduction, Games, Tag Plays vs. Force Plays)
  • Mental Side (Confidence, Approach to Home Plate)

Participants will be divided up by age & skill level so the development process doesn't stop for any player. This program is designed to spend an equal amount of time on both hitting & defense, leaving a specified amount of time at the end of each session for a game in the RED AREA. The game will be structured around SKILL DEVELOPMENT & give the coaches an opportunity to see what each player needs to work on moving forward.

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