Zoned Second Annual Signing Day Recap!

Someone recently asked me, "What started the Zoned Signing Day?"

As one of my students and I were walking out of the hitting cage after a lesson, she was asked where she was going to school. She explained that she was going to play at Boston College and the signing day was to be held at her school the following day. This particular student-athlete had been training at Zoned for over eight years and practically grew up at the facility. That's when she commented, "It would be cool if I signed here at Zoned!" I immediately thought it was a great idea and decided to put together the annual "Zoned Signing Day".

Every year we have had many students who essentially "graduate" from Zoned, moving on to learn and play their sport at the collegiate level. I wanted to bottle that experience up. To be honest, I wanted to do this not only for the player and their parents but also for myself. This was my way of saying thank you to them. We at Zoned have just as much fun as our players while working and grinding to be the best we can be. We love building relationships and truly care for our players. The thought of this was exciting to me. I communicated this to one of my co-workers and he said that they don't sign at DIII. AH HA! That did it. Everyone that moves on to the next level should get a chance to sign a piece of paper.

For our 2nd annual Zoned Signing Day, a glossy certificate of excellence was made for each of the 33 players that were moving on to the collegiate level. We had each student-athlete walk up, friends and family in tow, to sign and receive their certificate. It was such an amazing feeling seeing the number of smiles that filled the room.

I wanted to thank everyone for coming, and I hope that you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.

There were 33 players (30 were able to attend) and 1.24 million dollars of college aid was awarded to those 33 players.

Truly an amazing day, experience, and event...Thank you again!

Duke Baxter and the Zoned Staff

Zoned Second Annual Signing Day Recap!

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