Velocity Development Program

Winter Velocity Development Program

Zoned Winter Velocity Development is back and better than ever. After insane results from the 44 athletes last winter, gaining 125mph over the short span of 12 weeks, we are excited to announce that we are ready to bring back the heat!The class consists of two sessions a week for an hour and a half.

Classes begin on November 8th! There is limited space, be sure to register today!




The first 45 minutes will focus on throwing specific workouts as well as arm strength exercises. The second half is dedicated to offseason strength training. This allows the player that is part of the program to get all their work in on a weekly basis for the entire winter going into the spring season. This program is extremely beneficial for someone who is looking to put in the extra work this off season and enhance their tools as a baseball player. The 2022 baseball season starts this winter.


This program is designed for every position player, pitchers, and catchers 13U+. Get to the next level and unlock your potential with increasing flexibility and strength for injury prevention, power output by training to be explosive, and solidify proper throwing mechanics to be efficient with every movement and ounce of energy.


  • A SENSORED MOUND tracks stride angle, stride distance, the pressure and weight distribution in the feet with video and numerous stats the coaches can interpret for optimal instruction.
  • The RAPSODO machine tracks spin rate, spin efficiency, velocity, release point, and illustrates the movement of the throw or pitch with animations that are easy to understand on a screen.
  • The PERSONALIZED THROWING PROGRAM gives the player a strength and arm care regimen they can utilize now through the rest of their career, and a better understanding of arm care and preparation to perform their very best.
  • EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT COACHES give each player a customized approach and guidance on how to push themselves to fill their potential.


  • Maximum velocity sprint program
  • Comprehensive S&C program based on scientific principles
  • Injury prevention and self assessing mobility skills
  • Enhance rotational power
  • Building accountability and educating athletes the proper way to train like an elite baseball athlete
  • Using quantitative measurements to track strength, speed and maximal power


The combination of MLB experience and cutting edge technology at Zoned Sports Academy will provide your player with the knowledge and tools to gain velocity in this 16-week program. This class is for those 13U and older!

Instructors:Mikey Nikorak, Andrew Camiiolo, Ray DeLeon

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