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Hello Friends and Family!

Below is an email I recently received from one of my players, Alex Payne. Alex is a member of the Zoned Redhawks 12U Elite team and has just begun a project that I think we can all help him with! Please read below:

Dear Family and Friends,

Some of you may have heard about Julie Hildebrand. Julie is the daughter of my first-grade teacher, Mrs.
Hildebrand a.k.a. Mrs. B. Julie is only four years old and was diagnosed with a rare malignant brain tumor called a pineoblastoma.

Julie had surgery to remove the tumor and is now spending the next 6 to 9 months at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) where she has ongoing chemotherapy treatments and all kinds of testing.
Mrs. B has continued to play a role in my life the last five years. She has become more than just my first-grade teacher. These past few months have been very difficult for her family including their six-year-old daughter Lauren who only gets to see her mom and sister every few weeks for short periods of time.
There are thousands of children who visit CHOP each year. They are always in need for new books, toys, games and supplies. In September, I turn 13 and become a Bar Mitzvah. For my mitzvah project, I would like to honor Julie and help collect these items to donate to CHOP. There are so many other kids that have to go through many procedures like Julie. I want to do this project because I want to help try to brighten their days while they are there.

Below I have attached a list of some books and a wish list of toys and supplies that are in need for the kids at CHOP. Because of risk for infection they can only accept new items. They always need new board books for infants and toddlers as well as chapter books for teens.

After I have collected these gifts my mom and I will drive to Philadelphia and deliver them to the hospital. Thank you so much for your help, I am sure it will be appreciated.


Starting this week, I will set up a table at Zoned in the lobby with some pictures and information about CHOP. As a graduate of Temple University, our baseball team worked with CHOP every year so I know just how much your toys and books will mean to these kids. This is a great idea by an awesome kid and I think we should all do our best to help him honor Julie!

Thank you for anything you can do in advance!

Steve Nikorak

We appreciate your generosity and support to bring happiness and joy! Below are some suggestions of what can be donated!

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