Spring Corner Infield Class

Corner Infield Class

Join our spring corner infield class and learned advanced techniques at 1B and 3B that will take your game to the next level and separate you from the competition.

Starting 3/8
Ending 3/29
11:00AM - 12:00PM MS CIF (Ages 10,11,12) $210 REGISTER

Starting 3/8
Ending 3/29
11:00AM - 12:00PM
JR CIF (10,11,12)


Come learn from the best and improve on your corner infield skills with Zoned’s Corner Infield Class! This program will take 1st and 3rd baseman through all types of defensive drills and skills focusing on glove work, footwork and situational play in a competitive environment!

Both positions are broken off for position specific training during the first half of class and will be brought together for situational defense for the second half. Reinforce all of your skills and get ready for your upcoming season!

You will learn the advanced techniques for the positions including plays such as:
For 3B
- Prep Step / Pre-Pitch Routine
- Backhand Technique
- Both inside right foot & Fielding off left foot
- Slow Roller footwork and Glove work on Bunt Plays
- 1 handed slow rollers outside left foot – Bare-hand play
- Footwork and feeds to 2B for Double Plays
- Tag Plays
- Throw downs from the catcher
- Cuts & Relays

For 1B
- Knowing the runners & Using Correct footwork & Flips
- Positioning & Flips
- Footwork around the Bag
- Holding the runner on with a runner on 1st base
- Double play footwork
- Back Picks from the Catcher
- Bunts
- Picks

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