Meet Zoned Sports Academy Vlog #1

Welcome to our ZONED Vlog Series! This new vlog is to show our audience what goes on at Zoned Sports Academy throughout the week. Vlog #1 is an introduction film of some of the coaches at our facility! We are dedicated to making players better here at Zoned.

CEO of Zoned Sports Academy, Duke Baxter, talks to us about Zoned's goal and where an athlete needs to be to succeed. He shows us his "quick hands" technique showing how Zoned coaches are always improving their skills while looking for ways to improve their players.

Next we jump into a hitting lesson with Coach Steve Nikorak, the director of player and program development talking to a player about posture while hitting.

We talk to Coach Eric, Chris, and many other coaches in the facility to get a feel of what it is like to be a Zoned athlete!

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