For Scott, 1989 title a close second to national appearance

Originally Written and Published By Mic Huber of the Herald-Tribune

Ron Scott threw a no-hitter and struck out 14 batters in the Class 4A State Championship baseball game in 1989 to give Sarasota its second title in three seasons.

You would think that nothing could top that. But Scott says the state title finishes a close second to the night he had playing for Team Florida in a national tournament held in Avon Park.

Scott was not even scheduled to play on what turned out to be a night to remember. That changed when Carl Everett suffered a leg injury and was unable to play right field.

Sarasota pitcher Ron Scott finishes up pitching duties for Sarasota's win. April 21, 1989. Photo by Rod Millington.Though on the team because of his pitching ability, Scott quickly volunteered for duty.

"I was sitting there like a little kid with his arm raised, saying 'Ooh, ooh. Pick me.' "

He was chosen, and Scott went 2-for-3 at the plate with a 3-run home run and RBI single. He then went to the mound in the final inning to close out the win, striking out the side and earning the MVP award.

"That's definitely the most memorable thing," Scott said.

What made it most memorable was the awards ceremony at home plate, where Scott was presented the MVP trophy by baseball legend Ted Williams. Scott still has the trophy today.

"There is a photo of me trying to reach my little arm on his Splendid Splinter shoulder. I am smiling ear-to-ear,” said Scott. “That was one of the coolest things ever, even over the no-hitter."

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