Catching Clinic

Catching Clinic

Welcome to our end of the year Zoned Catching Clinic! We are thrilled that you have chosen Zoned to help further your son/daughter’s understanding of the catching position. Our objective this week will be to provide a championship experience to your child while teaching the proper mechanics, and highlighting important drills, needed to further personal skill development.

Date: December 27th
Time: 1-3pm- Catching Clinic

Ages: 10-14U

Cost: $75.00



Our 2-hour clinic will cover many of the essential aspects of the position such as:
-Stretching routines
-Bunt plays
-Tag plays
-And more…!

We will provide our class with skills they will need to Dominate the Diamond from the most influential position on the field. The foundational principles being taught to your son/daughter have been accumulated from the extensive playing and coaching careers of our staff.

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